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Property ID : 2340
Corozal District, Belize Corozal District, Belize
Property + Sea Property + Sea
Corozal District, Belize Corozal District, Belize
Property Property
Corozal District, Belize Corozal District, Belize
Property Sea

Agent :
Location : Corozal
Type : Acreage (over 100 acres), Waterview, Waterfront, Commercial, Investment Property
Price : USD $0
BZD $0
Construction :
Featured : yes
Property Views : 1211
Property Contact : 14

Description :


An investor is wanted for a major development on a section of a 3,578 acre tract of land on the north-east coast of Belize, which boasts 3 miles of beachfront.

The development will include a marina; golf course; casino; hotels; villas and condominiums; community parks with pools, tennis courts, horseback-riding, etc.; a town centre with shopping, medical care, socialising, etc.; and a light aircraft landing strip; etc.

The development is located about 1 hours north of Belize City, by car or boat; and about 20 minutes by boat to the popular seaside town of San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye; and about 20 minutes to the major city of Chetumal, in Mexico.

The owner is looking for a joint venture partner who has vision and is willing to invest in this exciting project.

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