Property ID : 3390
Title : #3390 - 3,740 Acre Undeveloped Block on Sittee River

Agent :
Location : Stann Creek
Type : Acreage (over 100 acres), Waterfront, Investment Property, ECO
Price : USD $2,000,000
BZD $4,000,000
Construction :
Featured : yes

Description :

Golden Pippin, a Mahogany Works in the country’s earlier days, is a 3,740 acre block of undeveloped land with two miles of frontage on the south side of Sittee River. The south side of the property borders the Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary, a protected area. Access to the property is via the road from the Southern Highway at Maya Center Village to the Cockscomb visitor center and passes within several hundred feet of the southeast corner of Golden Pippin about four miles from the highway. The property consists of hilly terrain throughout the southern part with flat and gradually increasing terrain south of the Sittee River which is the largest river in Stann Creek District. Most of the property is typical rainforest jungle with some areas of savannah closer to the river. This property could be developed as the location for a jungle resort, for tree farms, or as a protected area to extend the wildlife corridor that connects the Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve with the open land to the east.

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