Property ID : 7048
Title : #7048 – 17 Acres near Belcampo Lodge, Toledo

Agent :
Location : Toledo
Type : Acreage (3-20 acres)
Price : USD $10,500
BZD $21,000
Construction :
Featured : yes

Description :

This very affordable property is located near Belcampo Lodge in Forest Home Village, Toledo. This is a great investment opportunity for a local Belizean or foreigner. The size of this parcel is ideal for a home in a secluded area.

With approximately 17.48 acres of prime land, this property is only a couple miles away from the Southern Highway where there is access to utilities such as water and light. You will have magnificent views of the Maya Mountains and can opt to start a business or retain as a retirement property.

Located beside Belcampo Lodge and near the Southern Highway, this property has loads of potential. Owner has several parcels of land situated beside each other. Contact us if you are interested in several parcels.

Toledo, the southernmost district of Belize, is 1669 square miles of rainforest, mountains, rivers, and Maya Villages. Toledans often refer to their home as "the forgotten land"-it is the least visited destination in Belize. As the most sparsely populated and least developed region in the country, Toledo is certainly not for the ordinary tourist. However, for those with the spirit to venture off the beaten track, the natural and cultural diversity of Toledo makes a visit to a Southern Belize an unique adventure. The land is blanketed with some of the most pristine rainforest in Belize. The uplands to the Northwest, consist of the foothills of the Maya Mountains bordered by limestone outcrops - rugged, unexplored territory.

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